The Final Word with Kris Cartwright


We’ve all got people we’re thankful for and Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to show them how we feel
about them. Here are some ways you can show your gratitude!
• Friendsgiving – When you’re far from home, apart from family, or stuck on campus for the holiday, get together with your friends and have a feast. Millennials are doing this just because, and it’s a great thing because practicing
gratitude and togetherness is always awesome.
• Giving – When you want to show someone you’re grateful for them, it’s always a good idea to put something together (made out of love or store-bought) and give it to them. Whether or not you think it will be expected, it’s guaranteed that receiving an unanticipated gift is a great surprise that is well appreciated.
• Writing letters – This old-fashioned,  classic way of communication is still widely cherished. A handwritten letter can brighten up anyone’s day. Regardless of whether you include your feelings of gratitude in your letter, your
recipient will know that you took the time to write and send a special letter to him or her— and that’s saying more than enough.
• Volunteering for a cause – What better way to show your gratitude for your community than to give back in service? As community builders, we have a part in making our neighborhoods a better place for all. Doing whatever we can to help in our community can make all the difference. Soon, you’ll be grateful for having served rather than being served.
• Sharing – What’s something that makes you happy? We’ve all heard the catch phrase, ‘Sharing is caring.’ Well, it really is. What if this Thanksgiving you used your talents and gifts to make a difference? Sharing your passions with those you’re grateful for also can bring joy to them.
• Spending quality time together – This one’s a given. Sometimes the best way to show someone you’re thankful for them is to simply spend time with them. We’re all busy, and fitting hangout time into our schedules can be hard, but it’s worth it. It doesn’t matter what you do, but whatever it is you choose to do, be all there. Be present and thankful for the time you get together.
• Calming the storm – This one’s a bit more complex. Perhaps you know someone who’s important to you who is going through a particularly hard time – be a little part of the calm to their current storm of life. You get to
choose what it is that you do because you know your person best. Take advantage of the things you know within each of your relationships; you could be the only one who knows the hardship someone may be going through.
Do it as a token of your gratefulness to him or her.
• Setting a tradition – When you’re thankful for someone, setting traditions are fun and easy to do. Based on your friendship and the things you enjoy, set a tradition that exudes the greatness of your relationship.
Even when you haven’t seen each other in a long time, there will always be the one time a year that you come together to celebrate your tradition; You’ll be reminded of why you’re so thankful for each other and why your friendship is worth fighting for.
• Opposite day – This one’s for all the mother and father figures in our lives. What better way to show that you’re thankful for your parents, grandparents, or whoever, than to switch roles for a day? If your mom is a great cook and has nurtured you throughout life with her soulfulfilling food, make a meal for her and serve her as she has always done for you.
If your dad has always been great at making sure you have fun on the weekends, clear his weekend schedule and take him out to do something fun and memorable. We owe it to our loved ones.
• Giving a speech – The traditional, heartfelt speech at Thanksgiving is the most classic gesture of thankfulness. A couple words of affection and gratitude for your loved ones is all it takes to fill a room with tears. Whatever you say, may it be with a glad and grateful heart.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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