Survey seeks feedback on anti-tethering law

Residents concerned about the tethering of dogs on private property are being asked to take an online survey regarding a proposed ordinance that would regulate the practice.

The survey will be online until Sunday, Oct. 22.

City officials say the intent of the ordinance is to protect the health, safety and welfare of both residents and dogs in Tempe. Residents can provide feedback by visiting and clicking on the Proposed Anti-Tethering Ordinance link.

The proposed ordinance is the result of a City Manager’s working group established in 2016 with Councilmembers Lauren Kuby and Randy Keating. It regulates required levels of supervision for tying out dogs as well as accepted types of tie-outs, weather restrictions and shelter requirements. It is expected to be brought before the City Council Committee of the Whole on Thursday, Nov. 2, for direction on whether to move forward with two public hearings and a vote at future Council meetings.

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