A longtime Wrangler friend moves on

We live in a constantly changing world: it’s what keeps life interesting, right? Our lives were indeed made more “interesting” a couple of weeks ago when our publisher and longtime ally Tracy Doren was offered a sales position at the Scottsdale Chamber, an offer she truly couldn’t pass up.

Tracy has an enviable history of making friends for whomever she’s working for, so this new assignment is simply more evidence of her viability as a sales professional. We know she’ll do well, and of course we wish her success.

Happily, Tracy will continue to be available when needed to help us ease the transition toward the person who steps into the job next.

Although we haven’t yet made that selection—we want to be sure we enlist someone as energetic, and as capable, as Tracy—we’ve managed to absorb Tracy’s responsibilities into our day-to-day routine quite nicely.

This thanks to Joyce Coronel and Ron Walters, two of the mainstays of our staff whose dedication has really proven itself during this interim rollover of duties.

To both of them, I extend my sincere appreciation, with the added note that it’s the rare folks like this who have made it possible for us to remain a viable business for nearly three decades, and with each similar transition to be able to explore new ways of connecting with our readers and our community.

That’s what has happened before when key people moved on, and what seems to be emerging now as we fortify our team with a spirit of collaboration and mutual support.

Not to say, of course, that there haven’t been a couple of minor bumps along the way, but this issue of Wrangler News suggests we’re on the road to accomplishing some innovative ideas that we hope will add to your enjoyment of our publication and motivate you to become more involved in its production.

Having said that, I encourage any of you who’d like to connect more directly with our little hometown enterprise to use this opportunity to get in touch with us, to tell us what you’d like to do for and with us, to help us reach the next step in what I have pledged to keep an ongoing, familiar part of our lives and our community.

I’ve always believed that newspapers like ours are vital to the sense of neighborhood that likely would be lost if we weren’t here.

If you agree, and there are ideas you’d like to share or ways you’d like to be involved, either directly or indirectly, please send me an email (don.kirkland@wranglernews.com).

I’ll be delighted to hear from you and of course keep an open ear, and mind, for any ideas about how we can do our job even better.

— Don Kirkland, founder & president


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