DUI enforcement grant focuses on high-risk times of year

Young actors portrayed the tragic consequences of drinking and driving during a multi-agency exercise during the spring of 2016 at Marcos de Niza High School. (Wrangler News photo by Alex J. Walker)

A $60,000 grant is going to boost the Chandler Police Department’s DUI enforcement during those times of the year when drinking and driving typically increase.

The DUI Abatement Council of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has awarded the department’s Traffic Unit with funding that will allow its officers to either host or participate in a DUI Task Force with other East Valley law enforcement agencies. 

The funding will continue through Jan. 31, 2018. 

Detective Seth Tyler, who announced the department’s receipt of the grant, noted that officers working under it are specially trained in the detection of roadway impairment due to excessive alcohol consumption and use of illicit or excessive prescription drugs. 

“The goal of the task force is to remove impaired drivers from the road before the damaging, and often tragic, consequences that result from the poor decision to operate a vehicle under the influence,” he said. 

Added Tyler:

“Please remember to always wear your seatbelt and to designate a driver when alcohol consumption is a part of your celebration.”


  1. I’m happy to hear Sheriff Guerra is participating in the state’s DWI STEP program. Hopefully the county’s DA’s office won’t play politics. It’s totally true what u all are saying in these post some people don’t really listen its for their own safety

    Awesome deal!


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