Eighth-grader motivated by her passion for music

Beth Many pictured at Fees College Prep, holding her beloved trumpet.

By Beth Many, an eighth-grader at Fees College Prep

Music is like fire, an eternal flame that has placed itself in the hearts and souls of many.

The Fees College Prep band program, for me, is one of the things that keep that flame going. The students that take part in the band program—just beginning to learn how to play music or those who have played for a few years—can find themselves loving the pieces of music played and the process in which we learn how to play such pieces.

I have been playing the trumpet for about five years now and am learning a second brass instrument. I find that in being part of the band, I can also be a part of multiple different bands, such as the Fees College Prep Jazz Program.

We can also be part of many after-school programs that we are nominated for by our director. These programs include the Tempe or Phoenix Youth Wind Symphony and the District Honor Band.

These programs allow band students to adapt to playing with different bands, and learn how to adjust to the styles and techniques used by others.

Being an eighth-grader, and going on to high school soon, I want to be able to leave the upcoming sixth-graders a legacy that they can be proud of.

I want them to love the program as much as I do. I know that once I’m gone I will no longer be part of this program that I love.

However, with the new band director who has just recently taken the position, and the soon-to-be eighth-graders, I can leave knowing that the program will live on and stay as good as it has always been.


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