New governing board members list priorities for their terms


The Kyrene School District greeted the New Year with a new line-up on its  Governing Board.

Two new members, Michael Myrick and Michelle Fahy—both  elected in November—were officially sworn into their four-year roles as a board members, while newly re-elected member John King was tapped to be the board’s president and current member Kristin Middleton was chosen to serve as vice-president.

The five members of the district’s Governing Board play a critical role in  forming and approving polices, which guide the operation of the district. It’s important to note that Governing Board members are publicly elected, similar to city council members, but serve the community as volunteers without compensation.

Each member of the Governing Board is elected to serve a four-year term. Every two years, either two or three positions are filled during the November general election. Board candidates must reside within the district boundaries for one year prior to being elected to office. Arizona law does not limit the number of terms a member may serve on a school board.

Board member Michael Myrick was joined for the brief swearing-in ceremony by his wife and three children, all of whom attend Kyrene schools—his oldest is a son in seventh grade at Pueblo Middle School; another son is in fifth grade; and a daughter in second grade, both at Mariposa. Myrick was raised in the East Valley and graduated from Corona del Sol High School.

He has a strong record of community service in Tempe and says he believes, as a parent with school-age children, he can bring a unique insight to his governing board service.

“I have fresh ideas and I particularly understand the challenges administered in Special Ed Services because I have had personal experience and understand areas where Kyrene can improve,” said Myrick.

“All parents have a choice where to send their students for their education and my family chooses Kyrene.  I want all families to seek Kyrene as the best option for their child’s education.”

The second newly elected board member, Michelle Fahy, has one daughter who went to Kyrene schools from kindergarten through eighth grade. She is now a junior at Corona del Sol. Fahy is certified as a special education teacher and a reading specialist. “I am an experienced educator who understands our district, our community, our children, and their needs,” said Fahy. “I will work hard for every student, parent, teacher and resident.”

She is employed by Tempe Union High Schools as the Instructional Technology Coordinator, which allows her to encourage and create continuity for students between learning in the Kyrene district and then in high school.

She also has served the community as a volunteer in several roles in the Kyrene district. “I am passionate about continuing Kyrene’s strong reputation of quality schools,” said Fahy.

“Quality schools bring businesses and jobs, which will strengthen our community for our children and the future.”


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