Finding a Better Way: First Baptist Church of Tempe Offers Community a Path through the Wilderness

Pastor Roger Ball of First Baptist Church of Tempe

As a pastor, I’m confronted with stories of trial and tribulation on a daily basis. Recently, a young man asked for prayer after being fired from work due to an ongoing conflict and anger issues with a co-worker.

Anger and conflict has become mainstream, and no one is immune to its effects.

Anger, anxiety, depression or substance abuse all can derail someone’s life and destroy dreams. These issues occur in the rich, the poor, at family gatherings and sporting events, and in marriages. If not properly resolved, unhealthy attitudes and actions can lead to unemployment, health problems, financial loss and more.

Dealing with any of these challenges can be extremely frustrating and take a great deal of time and effort.

Finding purposeful and meaningful resources to address those means the difference between finding hope and healing and living in a state of desperation.

At FBC Tempe, we care for hurting people in many intentional and effective ways. For adults we offer a variety of classes on topics such as conflict and anger, substance abuse support groups as well as a compassion group for those impacted by HIV.

We have an active ministry for both men and women which include Bible studies, social outings and retreats.

First Baptist Church of Tempe

There are summer camps for children that build various skills as well as a variety of creative learning activities for kids on Sunday mornings and throughout the year.

For those affected by homelessness we offer meals, and for parents with special-needs children we provide a safe, caring environment for them to learn about God’s love on Sunday mornings.

We offer compassion projects like Walk to Bethlehem, cleaning homes for single parent families and enhance McClintock Drive by trash collection between Baseline and Southern.

We invite you to join us on Sunday for authentic, Jesus-centered worship or try any of our other activities throughout the week.

For more information on who we are and what we do, log on to or call 480-839-0926.

Pastor Dr. Roger Ball is lead pastor of Tempe First Baptist Church and an associate professor of leadership and ministry at Phoenix Seminary.


  1. This message is for Pastor Roger Ball,
    My name is Henry Dodge, I am a graduate of the old Southwestern Baptist Bible College and in 1981 I was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in Tucson, on the recommendation of the Conservative Baptist counsel which met at Barrio Baptist Church.
    I hope you remember me.
    I am currently pastoring Family of Faith Bible Church in Apache Junction. A church we started 5 years ago with 18 people. Our average attendance on Sunday morning now is about 110.
    I am praying for help. I would like to have an associate pastor, full or part time to assist me in the ministry. If you know of anyone who is willing/lead to minister with us, would you be willing to put him in contact with me? You may give him my name and email address or telephone number. If you want to know more about our church you can go to our web site. Family of Faith Bible Church in Apache Junction. I am a Baptist and preach/teach Baptist doctrine. The people did not want to call themselves a Baptist Church but a Bible Church.
    Thanks brother Ball, look forward to hearing from you.


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