Tempe’s automated water meters allow as-you-go daily monitoring


Water meters throughout Tempe are being swapped out or upgraded with new, automated technology that can track water use in real time.

City Council members approved the project this summer and the work will take place over the next few years.

Some meters already have been replaced, according to a Tempe spokeswoman.

The meters in that already-replaced category will receive adapters that were not installed during the earlier go-round, which began approximately two years ago.

Residents with such meters will be notified in their monthly bill when any such upgrades have taken place.

The new, fully automated system will be the first of its kind in the Valley.

“Using technology to provide better service to our residents is a smart move,” said Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell.

“This project is also a sustainable move. It will ultimately give Tempe residents a tool to identify leaks as they happen, helping to conserve water and prevent unexpected charges on monthly bills.”

Currently water meters are read manually, once a month, making it challenging to identify leaks or unusual water use in a timely manner.

Manual meter reads also require extensive driving since a staff member has to drive by each meter.

Once the new meter end-points are in place, city staff will be able to see water meter readings in real time, from a remote location, eliminating the need to drive down every city street.

Future plans include a resident internet portal that will allow Tempeans to access and monitor their own water use. The portal is still in the planning stages.

Tempe’s installation contractor, Metering Services Inc., will be conducting the swap-outs and upgrades over the next several years.

No service interruptions are expected.

Residents will be notified on their monthly bill when their meter has been upgraded, making it possible for their water use to be tracked in real time.

Information: tempe.gov/customerservice


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