For kids at Aguilar Elementary School, Fitness Friday was a howlin’ good time

Students at Aguilar Elementary
School in Tempe hosted Howler,
the mascot for the Phoenix
Coyotes, at their weekly Fitness Friday
program. They exercised with Howler
and incorporated hockey drills.
The event was started three years
ago as a way for students to “turn
on” their brains before they headed
to class. Students participate in fun
exercises that help create an alert mind
and an energized body, so they are
ready to take in new information from
their teachers.
Aguilar Elementary School
redesigned its school to focus on
meeting the needs of students
academically through a focus on
fitness. Students have an opportunity
to participate in a triathlon, running
club and other programs focused on
fitness. Aguilar Elementary School is at
5800 S. Forest Ave., Tempe.

— Contributed by Monica Allread, public
information coordinator for the Tempe Elementary
School District


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