Now 70 pounds lighter, mom has new view of life

Around 7 a.m. this Sunday, Amy Crockett of The Lakes plans to hit the start line for the 3TV Phoenix 10K and Half Marathon.
Funny thing is, she’s already won.
Motivated to make a life change after last year’s event, she decided to get control of her health. She will run this year’s event 70 pounds lighter than a year ago.
“I’m excited. I feel very fortunate for where I am at now,’’ she said. “The number doesn’t really matter anymore. I’m just happy. It’s pretty awesome to be content and happy.”
It is more than her new dress size – a size 4, down from a size 20.
It is more than a different number on the scale – now 155, down from 225 pounds a year ago.
It is that she feels like she is on the right road now, empowered and fit. Strong.
After last year’s 3TV Phoenix 10K she ordered a race picture, proud of her accomplishment. When she received the picture, she took a look and thought it was someone else.
“The picture was such a motivator. It was very hard to see that. I was in denial,’’ she said. “The pictures made me think of everything, put it in a different perspective, not just appearance but where I was at. I had put everyone else first.”
She also looked at the pictures with a parent’s eyes, thinking of her 5-year-old son, of being healthy for him and setting an example of being active and fit.
“The biggest hurdle was the weight. Physically, it was so hard on my knees and my back. After last year’s 10K, I could barely walk,’’ Crockett said. “It was scary that I was that heavy. I wanted to change my lifestyle. This time, I wanted to commit to ‘me.’’’
She started tracking everything she ate, worked with Weight Watchers, started writing and journaling, and set specific goals. Meditation and yoga helped, too. Soon she was meeting goals, losing 25, then 50 and ultimately 70 pounds. She now runs about 30-35 miles a week, in South Mountain Park or through The Lakes. She even recently completed a 20K.
Looking back, she said she wouldn’t even have run last year’s 10K had she known there were cameras on the course.
This year, she is just fine with the cameras – and looks forward to ordering a race picture.
For others who may be inspired by Crockett’s story, there’s still time to register at


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