Shopping locally helps keep city’s economy healthy


In the past few years, Chandler has supported a campaign called Invest Wisely, Shop Chandler to encourage people to spend their dollars at retail stores and restaurants within our city limits. The initiative was meant to help strengthen our local economy and maintain the quality of life we have come to enjoy.

Our local economy is heavily reliant on sales-tax revenue generated by transactions that occur within our city boundaries. The revenue from every dollar spent in Chandler helps support core municipal services such as police and fire protection, parks and recreation programs, road improvements and much more.

In that respect, money spent anywhere in Chandler benefits our community.

On the other hand, online purchases with out-of-state companies bring us no benefit at all.

That’s one of the reason it remains important for us to continue helping independent businesses in our community. They are the backbone of Arizona’s economy. Locally owned businesses have vested interests in the region and, therefore, are more likely to invest through corporate giving.

In fact, many of our youth organizations, food banks and social-service agencies rely on donations they receive from the private sector.

Moreover, independent businesses tend to reinvest more of their dollars in the community by contracting with local suppliers. This may not be the case with chain stores that don’t typically rely on local goods and services and send a large percentage of their profits back to corporate headquarters, often in other states.  Numerous studies illustrate a multiplier effect for shopping at community-based stores. When we spend $100 at a local independent store, $40 to $45 gets filtered back into the community. In a chain business,  $10 to $15 comes back.

Numbers aside, patronizing small businesses also builds civic pride and community involvement. Residents are more likely to stay in a community if they feel connected to it. There’s nothing like a shop owner who knows his clients by name and has the expertise to provide for their needs.

When such ties with the business community exist, people are more likely to volunteer, vote, attend events and contribute to charities.

These concepts are not new to us, but it is easy to fall into the temptation of shopping at the last minute at large retail stores or online.

The city of Chandler and the nonprofit agency Local First have created websites designed to remind residents of the importance of shopping locally. The sites and provide business directories and other tools to help make informed consumer decisions.

This summer, when we’re out and about, let’s make a concerted effort to patronize retail stores and restaurants. Our collective contributions help our community retain the quality of life that we have enjoyed—and want to continue enjoying.

Commentary by Rick Heumann. Chandler Councilmember Heumann lives in west Chandler


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