Marcos, KMS alum gets her break after being cast in collegiate drama

Maybe it isn’t quite as mythic as getting spotted at the counter at Schwab’s, but Emilie Doering still has a pretty good story about breaking into movie work.

The ASU freshman and Marcos de Niza grad literally talked her way from background extra to speaking part in the independent feature The Aum’s Law, now shooting on the ASU campus.

“I found out through the ASU film club they were looking for extras,” recalls Doering. Cast as a student in a classroom scene, Doering found herself called upon to offer a bit of dialogue for a classroom debate.

“The scene was a class discussion of the Iraq war. Well, I‘m a global studies major, so I have no problem talking about that…I talked so much that they said, we may have to credit you.” Ever since, says Doering, “I’ve been more permanently involved in the production.”

This includes helping to build the online presence for The Aum’s Law, which Doering says is the only SAG (Screen Actors Guild) feature currently shooting in Arizona.

Originally conceived as a modern-day retelling of the story of Krishna from the Hindu tradition, the film, directed by Kalki Khairi, has evolved into an ambitious collegiate drama which explores cultural and racial issues, as well as the interconnectedness of science and philosophy.

It sounds like it might even have an action-movie side. According to Doering, the actors have studied Parkour, the freeclimbing, obstacle-dodging discipline that’s in vogue on college campuses.

Doering, who was born in California, has lived in the Kyrene Corridor since she was a child. “My parents knew they wanted to live in Tempe, because it had that university-town feel, and because they found great school districts here.”

Although her interest in subjects like economics, urban planning and environmental programs has led her to a global studies major, she’s also been involved in school and community theater, an interest she credits to her Kyrene Middle School choir teacher, Julie Hackmann.

“She’s the sort of teacher that changes lives,” says Doering.

Asked what she’d like to do for a long-term career, Doering can only reply:

“To be completely honest, I’m playing it by ear.”

At the moment, Doering is trying to drum up extras for a large scale, all-day shoot starting about 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 29 at the Student Services Building at ASU’ Tempe campus.

“We need about a hundred extras, between the ages of 18 to 29,” says Doering. There’s no pay, but food and drink will be provided.

Says Doering:

“If you look like a college kid, come on down.”

Call 480-371-8694 or email for details.


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