New signal configuration to affect Dobson/202 intersection

Kyrene Corridor drivers heading east and south will find new traffic-signal configurations at Dobson Road and Loop 202.

Chandler traffic engineers have introduced a new type of signal for traffic turning left onto the Santan Freeway on-ramp from southbound Dobson.
The new device is known as a flashing yellow-arrow left-turn signal and will use a system of red, yellow and green arrows stacked on top of one another. The signal was recently approved by the Federal Highway Administration after research showed that flashing yellow heightens driver awareness when turning left in front of oncoming traffic.
Accidents have been increasing at the Dobson/Loop 202 intersection, from eight in 2007-08 to 13 last year, six of which involved left turns. It is hoped the flashing yellow arrow will make the intersection safer.
“Traffic making a left turn on a solid green light sometimes does not yield to oncoming traffic, which can result in more crashes,” said Mike Mah, city transportation engineer. “The flashing yellow arrow allows left turns but at the same time communicates the ‘caution’ message to drivers.”
The new signal has four intervals:

1.) Green arrow—represents a protected turn; drivers have the right of way when turning left.
2.) Flashing yellow—proceed left with caution while yielding to oncoming traffic or pedestrians.
3.) Solid yellow—prepare to stop; traffic is about to come from the other direction.
4.) Solid red—stop. No left turns allowed.

Mah said city staff will evaluate the success of the new signal before deciding if it will be added to other intersections.


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