‘Tonic’ a welcome alternative to Scottsdale

Sophisticated, comfortable and unique are just a few of the words that can be used to describe Tonic, a lounge-style bar open since January across from Chandler Fashion Center.
Michael Sherer and his wife Arlene moved to Arizona from Seattle seven years ago and brought along their expertise in the business world.
On the heels of their move came the couple’s children, Chris and Tilynn Rebhuhn, who Michael says have been in the bar and restaurant management industry for years.
Making it a family venture made sense, according to Michael, who says he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to capitalize 0n their combined strengths.
Michael and Arlene handle Tonic’s behind-thescenes business while Chris and Tilynn are its faces.
Michael says that there was a reason behind selecting Chandler for the family’s enterprise.
“You can come in however you want. We are a little more upscale of a lounge, like something you would see in Scottsdale, but it’s in your back yard, and without the Scottsdale pricing.”
Michael gave the example of a martini (Tonic can make virtually any one you can think of), which in Scottsdale typically sells from $10-$12.
At Tonic they’ll be $7-$8. Nor is there anything exactly like Tonic in the area. That is, a full service bar that’s open from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. every day of the week.
Add to that an assortment of 15 or so appetizers that are more than just your traditional sliders.
Tonic likes to take these traditional foods and puts its staff’s own interesting twist on them.
“Since we are open until 2 a.m. we have had a really good following from the industry crowd,” Sherer said.
“We are open in time for people who want to stop in after work or meet a friend or have a business meeting. We also have a happy hour from 4 to 8 every day.”
With a capacity of seating 150 people and an increasingly popular patio with outdoor bar, Tonic remained able stay busy through the summer months.
They’ve also started to host live music on Thursday and Saturday nights from 8-11 and have the ability to host private parties.
So far Michael says he has enjoyed working with his family and sees it as a great opportunity for his children.
“It is our first family venture and it has worked well,” he said.
“It gives us an opportunity to spend quality time together and also lets them (Chris and Tilynn) become more familiar with the business and financial side of things.”
Being open only for a few months, Tonic seems to have found a niche in the market—bringing people of Chandler and  the surrounding areas something they are not used to and something they want.
“People come in here for the first time and every single person says that this is really a cool place, that it is awesome.
“It’s nice and comfortable,” Michael said.

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Details: http://www.tonicaz.com/ or 480-899-9382



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