Warning issued after residents report coyote sightings

It seems coyotes are sneaking into south Tempe and environs after three residents reported sightings in the past month.

The latest visit was reported by Linda D’Avola, who lives in near Warner Road and McClintock Drive.

“At around 6:20 a.m., I looked out the window and saw a coyote walking across my back wall, facing the church on Knox Road,” D’Avola said. “I called the Tempe police non-emergency line, and was told one dog had been recently killed by a coyote, and two other residents had reported coyote sightings.”

Coyotes have been known to jump 14 feet—well above a home’s standard bordering walls, a Tempe police representative said.

Such incidents are reported to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, though no action is taken unless agents believe the animal is rabid and aggressive.

D’Avola thinks that makes it all the more important to get the word out.

“I just wanted to let everyone know, so their dogs don’t get hurt, especially smaller dogs,” said D’Avola, who has lived in Tempe for 26 years.

“They’re so fast,” she said. “It’s almost as if they are flying.”

Coyotes aren’t the only four-legged creatures running about in Tempe. Jeff Hollow, another south Tempe resident, said he has seen three roof rats in his backyard.

“In the last two weeks we’ve found one rat swimming in our pool, one drowned and one the cats were playing with, which I ended up trapping,” he said.


  1. Journalists and residents should refrain from jumping to conclusions just because coyotes have been seen in an area. For instance, using the verb “sneaking” is derogatory. Coyotes can help neighborhoods tremendously by keeping the rodent population down.
    — However, neighbors should check to make sure no one is feeding the coyotes. Pet food should be kept inside and clean up under bird feeders.
    –Also, walk your dogs on leashes and keep pets inside at night. Providing perches outside for cats to escape dogs and other predators is a great idea.
    –If a coyote comes too close, simply clap your hands, shout or blow a whistle. Our first response should NOT be to kill wildlife.

  2. The coyotes are looking for a meal and rats fit the bill quite nicely. When coyotes are in the area pets should be kept indoors, especially at night and measures should be taken to get control of the rats so coyotes don’t have an incentive to be in the area. Eliminate the food source and you eliminate the problem. http://www.pestcontrolcenter.com/store

  3. Coyotes are just a natural fact to living in the desert. As stated above they do play an importent role in the eco system. Just the same they can be unwelcomed guest in a residential back yard. I have been combating the problem in Moon Valley for the past year. I have come up with a system that restricts a coyotes ability to climb over property walls and into your yard. It is completely non-lethal, so no harm comes to the animal. Built entirely of steel and requires no maintenance. The Bar C has a low profile design making it as subtle as it is effective. Contact me at thebarc@gmail.com for a free in home estimate or with any questions you may have. Thank you.


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