W. Chandler to see major gains from tech-sector advances

Since its founding, Chandler has been a community based on innovation. From Dr. A.J. Chandler’s groundbreaking use of irrigation techniques in the early 1900s to the strong high-tech employment base we have created today, we take great pride in keeping up with technology.

And west Chandler will certainly benefit from impending upgrades.

A prime example is the recent expansion of wireless and broadband Internet access to our libraries, including the Sunset branch on the north side of Ray Road just east of Rural Road.

Patrons there will soon be able to access online data at a rate 10 times faster than what is currently offered. Library patrons will greatly benefit from the increased capacity, as it has been challenging to meet the rising demand for high speed Internet access.

Just as critical to our future, the Desert Breeze police substation will also benefit from advanced wireless technologies.

Early next year, Chandler’s Police Department will be able to replace its stand-alone radio system with more efficient devices through the Regional Wireless Cooperative. This will enable the entire department to easily communicate with other agencies in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

In addition, two high-profile projects in west Chandler called Continuum and Innovations are creating a buzz of their own.

Continuum is located at the former Motorola site on the Price Road Corridor. It is an exciting master-planned Science and Technology Park that will include programs and research facilities for the University of Arizona. It is expected to create 8,000 to 12,000 jobs in new technology industries at build-out.

The Innovations Technology Incubator is a related project at Stellar Airpark. It also provides state-of-the-art facilities for start-up companies in the cutting edge fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, software design and other areas of development to help them grow and flourish. The incubator space is one of just a handful not located on university campuses.

In the downtown area, wireless networks are also being extended to the newly renovated Center for the Arts. Wireless technology is highly valued by conference organizers and event planners who rely on quick and convenient access to data for the success of their events. With this extension, Chandler is gaining a competitive advantage over other cities by offering a state-of-the-art venue capable of attracting large events.

From an economic development standpoint, this investment makes good fiscal sense. In fact, large events are known to generate sales tax revenue by boosting sales at local restaurants, hotels, and shops.

Across the street from the City Hall complex is Gangplank—a hub for technologically savvy entrepreneurs that recently opened its doors.

In reality, Gangplank is a meeting place available to anyone interested in working in an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. It offers free conference rooms and a large area where individuals can participate in mentoring sessions and listen to regularly scheduled brown bag lunch speakers.

The city’s partnership with Gangplank entails an exchange of subsidized office space for new technological developments that benefit the community. It is a forward-thinking partnership meant to encourage other innovative developments in our downtown.

From a regional standpoint, Chandler will soon be plugged in to the 4G (fourth generation of wireless standards) network currently being tested in the Phoenix area.

Only a handful of cities in the U.S. are equipped with this capability since the first 4G smartphone was released on the market earlier this year.

All in all, Chandler makes every effort to be at the forefront of innovative initiatives. For as long as technological advancements continue to enhance our services and be the driving force for economic development, we will commit to invest in those cost-effective technologies that benefit our residents and the community.


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