Online Edition – August 29, 2009


  1. :Hello Preps!What a great job you have done presenting your news. I teach Prep too and we walays talk about the importance of looking at your audience (which you all did) and speaking so everyone can hear you. I liked watching you because you looked like you were having fun sharing your learning – and that is really important.Perhaps you could have a few practises so that you are very confident with what you want to share – sometimes when you face an audience or camera you can forget what you wanted to say. Practising is a good way to remember and helps you feel really confident.Keep up the great work!From Mrs Kennedy Hello Mrs Kennedy,Thank you for writing on our blog. Thank you for giving us a tip about doing some more practise. Mr Holloway is going to make sure we have a bit more time next time we do a news report! Thanks again for your tip.From Sienna in Prep H.


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