Budget squeeze may cut textbooks from new class budgets

Proposed new textbooks for Corona del Sol, Marcos de Niza and other district high schools are now on display at offices of the Tempe Union High School District. The books will be available for review by the public for approximately two weeks.

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On Wednesday, April 15, the school board will cast its vote for the recommended books during a public meeting.

“The list of 15 books up for approval are for new and current courses,” said Dr. Cecilia Johnson, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment for the district.

The new courses available are Chinese and Calculus 3-4, according to Johnson. The current courses that have outdated textbooks are the ones receiving new books.

Even though the board may vote approval, Johnson noted, there is no guarantee books will arrive in time to be placed in district classrooms next year.

With decreases in next year’s school-district budget new books might be only a nice idea.

“Due to our recent budget problems and cuts, if we do not have the money, the approval will not matter,” Johnson said.

“The new courses will still be offered because, unfortunately, textbooks are considered supplementary material in classrooms,” she said.

But, she added: “Without textbooks it is very difficult to teach.”



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