Advisory: Be cautious of ‘clean-cut’ sales approach

Be dubious of that clean-cut salesman who comes to your door, police are advising. It seems south Tempe has been the target of a long-running scam that is meant to tug at your heart strings to convince you to buy.

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Small groups of pleasant-looking young men have been posing as the “boy from around the block” or “your neighbor’s nephew” with the intention to gain your trust and get you to part with some cash or possibly gain access to your home.

These all-American young men, and sometimes women, have a variety of stories to go along with their pitch to sell magazines or books, usually involving a fundraiser for a children’s charity.

The best response, say police:

Close the door. Their “neighbor” status typically folks quickly under questioning. When you say you don’t need any magazines, they’ll offer to send your subscription to a charity, a youth center or a YMCA. Don’t believe them.

While it remains undetermined whether these people are casing homes in the neighborhood for more sinister visits later, or simply pocketing cash for their own gain, the only way to stop this sort of scam is to be informed.

More advice: Don’t buy anything from anyone working door-to-door. Never give to charities about which you have no direct knowledge.

Better yet: don’t give money to anyone you don’t know personally.



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