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   Volume 16, Number 12

June 10, 2006   

Photo by David Stone

Coming up June 18: Dad's special day

By Munira Smith

Father's Day is coming up June 18, and it's time to answer one of life's perpetually troubling questions: What to buy the dad who has, well, practically everything.

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   Inside this issue

• A single panel to consider all planning and zoning issues
• An 'Ultimate' challenge for Corona grad
• 'Cell-phone babysitters'
• Roast chicken: finger-lickin' good
• Growing up with horses turns into lifetime commitment
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June 10, 2005   


By Doug Snover

We’ve all seen it. Nasty words hastily scrawled on an alley fence. The hopelessly romantic “I love So-and-so” painted near the schoolyard. Or initials spray painted on the side of a garbage dumpster. Occasionally, a crude work of art on the wall of a convenience market. Or some indecipherable symbol that we worry might be a sign that gangs are moving into our neighborhoods.

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