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   Volume 16, Number 9

April 29, 2006   

Photo by David Stone

Man on fire

By Don Kirkland

Whether it's the ear-shattering roar of bullets ventilating a Mafia informer or the comic improbability of a fire hydrant running from a dog with a raised leg, Cory Starr may be the guy making it happen.   

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   Inside this issue

• Real estate retaining its value, despite cooler market
• Turning a charitable cheek for Bangladesh orphans
• Pueblo PTA going all out for young leukemia patient
• Lem sci-fi tales shine
• 'United 93'
• Pass the gourmet pasta sauce, per favore
• Firebombs an early-morning wakeup call for Camelot Village
• Corona swim standout Telep heading to LSU
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April 30, 2005   

Living with 2 cultures

By Doug Snover

Cinco de Mayo. For some it’s a celebration of Mexico’s victory in 1862 over the French at Puebla. For others less historically inclined, May 5 is a day to celebrate all things Mexican.

For Kyrene Corridor resident Irene Trujillo, Cinco de Mayo is a day to reflect on her own heritage and remember with a smile her own victory of independence from a strict Mexican father in the changing world of Tempe in the 1950s and ’60s.

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