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100 mpg fill-ups are bringing about a Scooter Invasion

By: Alex Zener

July 18, 2008   

How much did you spend the last time you were at the gas pump? A little bit more than you’d like to? Gas prices have risen more than 35 percent in the past six months, and an increasing number of people are finding that the cost of filling their car’s gas tank is more draining than they can afford.

How would you, instead, like to average close to 100 miles a gallon and help the environment at the same time? Today, alternative forms of transportation are not only becoming more viable but, for some people, a necessity.

One idea is to take the bus; another is to car pool. But you don’t have to look far to notice the number of people who are turning to motorized scooters as an alternative means of transportation.

These two-wheeled runabouts are traditionally defined by characteristics such as a step-through frame, wheels less than 16 inches in diameter and an engine located below the rider and to the rear.

One south Tempe resident, Jared Rivas-Andrews, has been riding his Big Chief scooter to school and work for about three years, consistently averaging around 95 miles per gallon.

“My dad bought it for me because the cost of fuel kept going up and up,” Rivas-Andrews said.

“At first it was great because of the money I saved on gas, but I soon realized it was more than money. My scooter is awesome, and makes me so happy every time I ride it.”

One of the original motor scooters was the Vespa, first manufactured in 1946 by an Italian company, Piaggio.

Although the Vespa scooter is still popular and a major form of urban transportation in Europe and Asia, several other companies, such as Honda, Harley-Davidson and Kawasaki, have entered the scooter market.

Scooter Invasion, a family-owned and operated Tempe business, can provide you with several options. The company offers a wide variety of affordable scooters that are perfect for short distance travel or models that have the power to go for miles.

The store carries both gas-powered and electric scooters which meet the growing “go green” environmental approach to daily living. Both types give off considerably fewer harmful emissions than cars.

“I think the scooter is a good alternative form of transportation for students but it does have its drawbacks,” Rivas-Andrews said.

“It only fits two people, and that’s pushing it.”       

If you’re in the market for an alternative form of transportation that is environmentally friendly and cost effective, you may want to check out the latest models at Scooter Invasion.

The store is at 1828 E. University Drive just east of McClintock, in Tempe. 



Photo by Alex Zener


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