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Lessons learned: a reflection on 720 memorable days

By: Nathan Scherotter

May 12, 2007

Seven hundred and twenty days: thatís the time I have spent at Corona del Sol High School. Thatís 17,280 hours or 1,036,800 minutes. And, after these four years of schooling, I can say it was well worth it.

Corona has been my second home for the past four years. During that time I have seen changes in the world, our community and in myself.

At Corona, I have transformed from a relatively shy student to an outgoing young adult ready for the next stage of my life.

I have learned how to derive a math function, how to analyze the theme of a novel and how the brain functions. But more importantly, I believe I have learned how to be successful in the future.

Life has less to do with whether one can solve a formula or rattle off historical facts than with knowing how to create and maintain relationships.

At Corona, with the highly competitive academics, athletics and variety of clubs, a student can find a place to fit in and develop these relationships. That is what I think is the best part of Corona.

In these 720 days, I have seen my friends win state championships, be accepted into prestigious colleges and win scholarships. I have been to concerts, planned a senior trip and been in a dance show (despite my two left feet). All of these I thought I would never have the bravado to do.  

School has also given me the opportunity to explore my options. As I entered my sophomore year, I decided to take journalism (neither my mom nor I know why I wanted to). After the first year I really enjoyed the class and the work involved, and it grew even more from there.

Next year, I will be majoring in journalism. I donít know if it will turn out to be a career choice, but I enjoy it and want to see where it takes me.

In these 17,280 hours I have created lifelong memories. Pictures from dances, football games and other experiences will forever be instilled in my mind.

I will remember the four years I spent on the golf team trying to represent my school to the best of my ability.

My mom always told me that elementary school got you ready for middle school; then that middle school got you ready for high school, and then that high school got you ready for college.

If thatís true, I feel completely ready for college.

What I have learned in both the Kyrene and Tempe schools has taught me what the right answers are, both educationally and morally.

In these 1,036,800 minutes, I have laid the brick to hopefully a successful future, and could not picture myself doing it any other place but Corona.


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