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Author: 'Beem' us up, Scotty

By: Doug Snover

May 12, 2007

Has your Beemer got the blues? Does the minivan’s air conditioning have issues? Local author and holistic healer Charles Marshall says the problem might not be with the car or minivan but with your own connection to Mother Earth.

Marshall comes out of the U.S. Air Force, where he developed specialties in plumbing, electricity, air-conditioning, heating and motor vehicles—a hands-on guy, it would seem: ratchet wrenches and grease under the fingernails.

But he also is what he calls an “empathic intuitivist” and the creator of an innovative energy technique called Soular Expansion that specializes in connecting and increasing one’s unique spiritual energy to the Universal Divine.

And now Marshall is the published author of The Soul Mechanic, a book he was due to discuss May 9 at Changing Hands Bookstore and which captures the lessons he has been teaching at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, also in Tempe.

The institute charges $96 for an 8-hour introductory course to Marshall’s Soul Mechanics.  A few days prior to his scheduled appearance at Changing Hands, Wrangler News interviewed him via email.

Marshall’s publisher,, promises that The Soul Mechanic “will explore how our cars mirror our physical, mental, and spiritual lives” and “will guide a person in becoming more in tune and intimate with one’s past, present, and future as well as one’s body, mind and spirit, all by observing one’s car.”

Wrangler asked him to elaborate.

“Everything on the planet is made from the basic elements fire, water, earth and air,” he said.

“Everything—from our houses, clothes, money, food and cars—(is) made up from the same elements. Every part of a car came from the Earth; the rubber, metal, plastic, etc., all came from the Earth. The Earth produces energy and is energy itself.”

So far, so good. But then Marshall’s explanation gets a little harder to follow, mixing science and religion in Marshall’s unique formula:

“Science says that anything in motion is energy and because everything on planet Earth is in motion, including humans, everything is energy. Science explains that humans formed from single-celled organisms that emerged from the muck or mud puddle. Some religions say, too, that we came from the mud.

“Science says the atom is a basic building block of life. Religions say Adam was the first, which later subdivided into Eve. Science, too, subdivided the atom. Both names are spelled different but we pronounce them the same. More to the point, no matter your belief, we came from the Earth.

“Humans came from the Earth, and humans created the cars which came from the Earth. We are all energy.

“When we express our energy via our emotions, our emotions, too, are energy.

“Energy breaks down thusly: E = energy. Energy moving is motion. E+motion = Emotion.”

“When we humans emote it is vibratory energy,” Marshall wrote.

“If a human is emotional to an extreme, its vibration will resonate and affect other energy fields … If we are highly emotionally charged, our electrical field begins to affect other electronic devices.”

Marshall even offers specifics for diagnosing our personal problems as manifested by our automotive ills.

“All emotions can be categorized into fire, water, earth or air,” he said. “Anger equals fire. Sadness or depression equals water. If we are expressing through communications, then our cars will encounter air issues like flat tires, air-conditioner, and other air related devices.”

Which means, it seems, that the minivan’s air conditioning problem might be caused by its driver’s problems with communication.

To Marshall, “the most important thing in our lives is our BREATH.” Most people don’t get that, he says.

“Sure, they tell me that the most important thing in our lives is money, family, search for God, spiritual enlightenment and other great answers. However, they all try to answer the question by thinking logically. The answer is too obvious so they all miss it.

“We should see ourselves not as physical, mental, and spiritual, but more simply mechanical, chemical and electrical. This is what we are. Anything beyond this is complicating and confusing … Understand that the electrical runs the chemical and the chemical runs the mechanical. If the mechanical is imbalanced then it means the chemical is imbalanced and therefore the electrical system is imbalanced. Focusing more on the electrical body should be the first section addressed.

“If one is in need of a tune up, have the electrical system addressed first with therapies such as Polarity, Cranial, or my own modality, Soular Expansion. Soular Expansion addresses the electrical system by amping up one’s Universal Divine Connection, which is created by developing spiritual individuality.”

Got that? Marshall said he knows some pilots who get it.

“I have a few friends who are pilots with major airlines who themselves are spiritually aware and they understand that when a glitch or other anomaly suddenly appears, they first check in with their energy to see if they are emotionally charged or imbalanced. I fly recreational aircraft myself and have encountered full electronic malfunction. Immediately I check in with myself and became aware that I was still thinking of a situation that I was still charged over hours prior.”

And K.C. Miller, founder of the institute where Marshall teaches, seems to get it. She wrote of Marshall’s book, The Soul Mechanic, that our automobiles “may just be the messenger that the Angels are using for life lessons to be revealed to you.”

So, Mr. Marshall, what life lessons can be learned from, say, a 1989 Honda sitting on jackstands because it needs a new clutch?

Does a new BMW offer better lessons than an old clunker?

“Not necessarily. A clutch is representative of a person who has difficulty engaging in forward progression somewhere in their present or future mental states. If a person has difficulty engaging in forward progression and buys a brand new BMW, it won’t be long (about 3 months) that the BMW will be in the shop.

“If I have a client who has a particular issue and buys a new car, I can normally tell them what to look out for if they become emotionally charged. Since everything is made up from the Earth and the Earth then is made up from the universe and the universe is a collection of energy, one can infer that Mother Earth then is feeding us information via her essence (fire, water, earth, air).”

For more information about Charles Marshall, check out . To check book prices, visit . And to learn more about SWIHA, visit .


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