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Chandler's new rule: Tell it to the judge


Dec. 2, 2006

If you’re ticketed for speeding in a school zone, failing to stop for a school bus or allowing your car to sit in a no-parking zone, you’ll now have to follow the age-old advice: Tell it to the judge.

A policy adopted by Chandler Municipal Court in September adds such violations to the list of “must appear” offenses that require the driver to plead his case personally rather than simply pay a fine.

The personal appearance is required, say Chandler officials, because a judge must consider aggravating or mitigating factors or the variety of circumstances to which a statute may apply.

Also part of the same law is a requirement doubling the fines for speeding in a school zone double if it’s determined that the required signs are posted.

The increased fines for this violation vary, depending on the speed of the vehicle, but range from $240 to $735. The additional revenue goes into a fund to pay for costs related to enforcement of this violation.

Failure to stop for a school bus with its stop sign out is a civil traffic violation with significant civil penalties for any violation.

The penalties are enhanced for subsequent violations within 36 months. The minimum penalty for a first violation is a fine of $487. The minimum penalty for a second conviction within 36 months is a fine of $1,387 and a driver’s license suspension not to exceed six months.

Stopping, standing or parking is not allowed at any place where official signs prohibit it. Penalties can be increased due to aggravating factors, including prior offenses.

The maximum fine for this violation is $477.

For more information about the new enforcement policy, call (480) 782-2217 or the Chandler Municipal Court at (480) 782-4751.


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