SRP rate drop means average $15 savings during hottest 2 months

SRP customers in Tempe and West Chandler received some cool news with the announcement that the utility will reduce its electricity rates for the next two months, saving the typical residential household somewhere in the neighborhood of $15.

Recalling the time Ali punched me (but not very hard!)

Lots of people have come forward with stories about their encounters with Muhammed Ali over the years. Now it’s my turn.

Happy ending: How I learned to love Walmart

I think it’s fair to say that most of the people I know don’t regularly shop at Walmart.


Next time you’re ready to take your trash or recyclables to the curb, keep in mind that those discarded items just might be the stuff of the latest fashion trend.


Legislative District 18 House of Representatives candidate and former Kyrene Governing Board member Mitzi Epstein will hold final sessions of an area-wide listening tour at three Kyrene schools in May.

A special message to our neighbors (you!)

Hi, neighbor! We don't think a couple of simple words like that should need much explanation, but in today's world of print-media companies trying to salvage a declining readership, it seems like we're hearing more and more promises to give you news that is local and thus relevant to your day-to-day experience.

No place for mob mentality when First Amendment rights are threatened

The asterisk by the First Amendment grows larger and larger every day, a condition made painfully evident by viral videos showing students who lack basic civic knowledge imposing their will on journalists and running roughshod over the most fundamental rights.

In picking a major, passion exerts most critical influence

Econ — yes, definitely; I’ll study econ. Wait, no — supply chain sounds better; I’ll go with that. No, no. I’ve got it: I’ll do history (I love history!). Wait — I can’t get a job with that degree. Maybe I’ll…

For area’s well-known Venturo family, bracelet was a ‘gift from the grave’

Vickie Venturo ignored the insistent ringing of the telephone. It was late; the number was out-of-state.

Earthquake tragedy in Nepal’s capital may have destroyed some of its history but not...

It was February 2014, and longtime Tempe insurance agent Mary Contreras had embarked on what she remembers as the trip of a lifetime. Joined...