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Man-Cat mischief makers due Nov. 21

By Chase Kamp Man-Cat is a band, but it could also be a cult. The Tempebased culture-jamming quartet performs anonymously, wearing masks onstage and generating most of its music by mangling snippets of hit songs and carving them back into warped synth-driven pop, all the while propagating slogans like “Conscious Consumption”and “Identity is Irrelevant.” The […]

Cassette tapes enjoying a comeback, thanks to Tempe group

By Chase Kamp While the music industry continues to suffer from drooping annual sales figures, the resurgence of the vinyl record format has provided a beacon of hope. MP3s are still king, but fans young and old are buying LPs again for big album art, pristine audio quality and old-fashioned nostalgia. The lowly cassette tape […]

‘Orangemen’ peel a slice of inspiration from Blue Man Group

M.V. Moorhead Photo by Billy Hardiman Orange is the new Blue. At least it is at Corona del Sol. The Percussion Ensemble from the high school’s powerhouse music department has decided, in recent performances, to style themselves after Blue Man Group, the popular percussion/pantomime theatrical troupe. But, this being Corona del Sol, Blue won’t do—the […]

Ukelele moving up the charts among music aficionados

By Chelsea Martin An appalling thought it is to imagine a world without music. While some may argue that we’d be better off without the distractions music can create, most defend it and spend their lives submerged in beautifully and precisely constructed sounds that waft through the air. Jon Paul Escobedo and Merri Lewter, longtime […]

Search under way for relics of bygone eras

by Chase Kamp If one could put Tempe on a turntable and drop the needle, the sound would contain the charge of ‘90s alternative rock, the bombast of big band jazz and the rugged croon of country. Tempe History Museum is seeking submissions for a November retrospective on local music called “The Tempe Sound,” hoping […]

Harvard-Yale match a ‘60s metaphor to 2014 politics

Review by M.V. Moorhead So now we know—if we care—that the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will face each other in the Super Bowl on Feb. 2. I hope everybody enjoys the day. If, like me, you’re mostly indifferent to football, you’ll enjoy the quiet streets, sparsely populated movie theaters and short waits at […]

Convergence of milestones again puts popular musician in limelight

Story by Georgia Swing Photo by Billy Hardiman Singer-songwriter Walt Richardson looks back at 35 years of entertaining Tempe audiences and says he feels like he’s just beginning. For his iconic role in more than three decades of the Mill Avenue music scene, for mentoring new generations of musicians, and for the promise of much […]

Country up-and-comer Laura Walsh to play Tempe History Museum

Story by Chase Kamp Country superstar Toby Keith sang about “a little less talk and a lot more action.” Country comedy favorite Larry the Cable Guy implores all to “Get ‘er done.” Not one to just talk, Valley singer Laura Walsh has been bolstering her musical message of female empowerment by stepping in and aiding […]

Student production challenges creative, technical ingenuity

Story by M.V. Moorhead Even in these cooler months, Tempe seems pretty far away from rural Maine. But playgoers can get a breath of cool wintry New England air at Almost, Maine, this year’s first production at the Marcos de Niza High School Little Theatre. They’ll even get a few glimpses of the aurora borealis. […]

Explosions, crashes- and Tatum – are ‘White House Down’ mainstays

It’s said that for a few years after the huge success of the original Die Hard, every action movie idea in Hollywood was pitched as “Die Hard in a…” That 1988 film featured bad guys taking over an L.A. office building until their schemes are bedeviled by coincidentally visiting New York cop Bruce Willis, so […]

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