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19 Kyrene positions now open

The unemployment rate for the Phoenix metro area still hovers stubbornly near eight percent. But for local job-seekers, help is on the way. The Kyrene School District will host a part-time job fair on Wednesday, May 29 from 3 to 6 p.m. at 8700 S. Kyrene Road, which is the main office for the district. […]

Ongoing questions about youth athletic fields

Funding for youth athletic programs Valley-wide continues to raise concern, with the Kyrene School District lately having to confront parents anxious over the use of its facilities. A similar challenge was faced by the city of Tempe several weeks ago involving the use of local ballfields by Tempe South Little League. Kyrene’s discussion with parents […]

Education leaders examine Common Core, state funding at summit

Instead of filling in Scan-tron bubbles, Arizona K-12 students are likely to be more hands-on with English language arts and math to prove they’re worthy of a high school diploma. The state’s education curriculum is going through a sea change in hopes of giving students the relevant skills and critical thinking abilities that will grab […]

Experts delve into myriad ways to guide kids’ success

Parents of school age children typically have a lot of questions. From wondering how to help their incoming kindergartener navigate the first few weeks of school to preventing an older child from using drugs or alcohol, parents often feel like they could use some guidance. Amanda Hamm, prevention manager for the Kyrene School District, is […]

Teacher pay raises again on the table as budget-balancing advances

Kyrene teachers are one step closer to receiving a much anticipated pay raise this year, thanks to the district Governing Board’s agreement to strike a salary freeze off the list of budget balancing strategies. The decision is in keeping with “Blueprint for Kyrene,” the district’s current strategic plan that is based heavily on community input. […]

Unveiling of new, ‘top secret’ school mascot will highlight 20-year anniversary event

Lisa Wonter remembers walking through the doors of Kyrene de la Mirada every day as she navigated her way through elementary school. Every morning promised a new discovery. Little did she know that, years later, she would once again be walking through those same doors, only now as a student teacher, and that each day […]

Ready, Set; Read

Thew Elementary School librarian Jean Mills, center, is presented with two of the 250 books donated for the school’s library. The campaign was sponsored by Tempe Republican Woman as the group’s community project. Taking part in the presentation were, from left, club president Darryl Jacobsen Barnes; Mills; and project coordinator Laura Reisinger.

Report reveals teacher pay is likley locked at current level

Few words pique a crowd’s interest like money, which is why a discussion on teachers’ compensation sounded interesting. However, what at first seemed promising during a Kyrene School Board meeting ended much differently, with teachers disconcerted to hear that an existing freeze on salaries likely will continue. Their predictable despair is compounded by a complex […]

The signs of bullying and what parents should know before it’s too late

Recent headlines of school shootings, violence and suicides express the concern the nation has in regard to the mental health of its youth. Childhood exposure to severe bullying, in particular, often is cited as the cause of serious long-term effects that ultimately can lead to anxiety, depression and suicide in adults. No one is less […]

Collaborative process leads to a unanimous decision

Consensus or even positive bargaining seem to elude most of our elected officials. In the Kyrene School District, though, a group of determined volunteers apparently have succeeded in coming together with a unanimous decision. The district’s Elementary Special Area Study Team used a technique, known widely as interest-based problem solving, to review scheduling options for […]

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