Responding to audit’s findings will be part of ‘visioning’

An extensive audit of the Kyrene School District is complete, and now the heavy lifting begins: responding to the findings.

Eighth-grader motivated by her passion for music

Music is like fire, an eternal flame that has placed itself in the hearts and souls of

In-depth analysis of where Kyrene has been, where it needs to go

Editor’s note: At the invitation of Dr. Jan Vesely, Wrangler News education writer Diana Whittle.

Differences in brains of boys, girls should guide teaching strategies

It’s not often that a New York Times best-selling author comes to town, but Dr. Michael Gurian was well-received by area residents during a free workshop sponsored by the Tempe Union High School District.

Therapists agree: Veggie gardens grow happier kids

Can gardening help heal minds?

Study finds Kyrene teacher, admin salaries more competitive than 2013-2014

The Kyrene district is more competitive in compensating teachers and administrative staff this school year, according to research presented to the Governing Board by the Fox Lawson Group.

Workshop: Boys and girls learn differently

Not only are boys different anatomically than girls; they also learn differently

School’s lunchtime veggie bar foretells a persimmony future

Connie Allen, the physical education teacher at Mariposa School in Tempe, noticed when she would walk through the lunchroom that students’ diets were not exactly exemplary.

New governing board members list priorities for their terms

The Kyrene School District greeted the New Year with a new line-up on its Governing Board.

How effects of Prop. 206 will be felt by area schools

For minimum wage employees, the recent passage of Prop. 206 represents an increase from $8.05 to $10 an hour, hopefully to put more jingle in workers’ pockets.