Survey shows link between teacher satisfaction, student success

Gallup, the well-known pollster, reports that the majority of teachers in the Kyrene district say they care about the quality of their job performance and believe strongly in their professional mission as educators.

Leadership skills boost kids’ behavior, success

Look out President Trump—youth at Mirada Elementary in Chandler now understand leadership skills and stand ready to be accountable for their academic achievement and behavior.

Admired theater teacher will lend experience, talent to wider role

If the Academy Awards presented Oscars to local talent, surely Pueblo’s theater teacher, Julie Hackmann, would have won more than her fair share.

Dr. Jan Vesely: More on ESAs

This year marks my 40th year in public education.

A Mothers Day tribute: ‘Super Mom’ humble helper to kids, staff at Wood School

By Deborah Hilcove Megan Hardesty is a super mom. That’s the unprompted and indeed unbridled.

A plus: Deserved, earned and now received

No matter when this kind of good news arrives, or who receives it, it’s a thrill to say the least.

During the 2016-2017 school year, Kyrene released a solicitation for proposals for English Language Arts instructional materials for grades K-8. Kyrene follows a defined process when considering a resource for adoption.

Kids learn kindness by ‘buddying up’

There’s nothing quite as lonesome as being the kid at school who has no one to play with.

Kyrene schools’ 2017 summer classes give kids a place to escape the heat-and have fun

Even though it’s only March, the Kyrene district is already thinking of summer fun and is open for registration to its summer programs.

Array of vacation offerings coming to Tempe Elementary

Is your kinder ready for Kindergarten?