$1 million donation accelerates plans to enlarge Lost Our Home pet shelter

It’s hard to say if it’s the holiday spirit or the love of animals that caused an anonymous donor to donate $1 million dollars to the Lost Our Home Pet Rescue to purchase the facility they currently occupy in Tempe, but this act of kindness is making waves for the rescue.

Surgery-free approach to pain finally yields relief for victim of crippling arthritis

The pain got so bad, Tempe resident Carl Barnes called his wife to say he couldn’t take it anymore. He was done living. Plagued by vicious arthritis pain through the years, Barnes was at the end of his rope.

New market ‘Sprouts’ in South Tempe

Opening day at the newest Sprouts location brought out hordes of Tempe residents eager for healthy-living choices. (Photo Wrangler News staff)

Quality vs kitsch: Festival planner aims to elevate fi ne arts

By M.V. Moorhead If, like me, you spent a day meandering around the Tempe Festival of the Arts’ recent pre-holiday extravaganza, the paintings, prints and...

From Nigeria to Tempe, with love

Victor Jakpor was comfortable. A native of far-flung Nigeria, a country in which tens of millions of people struggle to earn less than a dollar a day, he was living the American dream in Tempe.

7 teen suicides heighten concerns

Suicide is a word that hits hard—particularly when it involves cases that increasingly are stealing our community’s young people.

Chandler’s emergency response training offers ways to combat natural, man-made threats

Chandler’s Fire, Health & Medical Department is offering a free training course for West Chandler and other city residents who want to learn how to take care of themselves, their family, neighborhood and the community during an emergency or disaster.

Tempe Leadership project

Planting a garden, outside the box

Lifesaving training coming to schools

Though most school nurses deal with common ailments such as sore throats or the flu, in this era of school violence, emergency preparedness is ratcheting up.

A coming-of-age bow for Phoenix film celebration

In many cultures, the 18th birthday is a big deal, the serious coming of age birthday. Phoenix Film Festival turns 18 this year, and does indeed seem to be making the leap to the next level.