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Waggoner roof-collapse update – Possible long-term effects worry some parents

Kyrene schools superintendent Dr. David Schauer met with a crowd of concerned parents at a swiftly coordinated meeting March 18 to address questions about the collapse of the roof on the multipurpose room at C.I. Waggoner Elementary School. Schauer candidly shared what is known thus far about the collapse, explaining that, at this early stage […]

Neighborhood News & Notes – Cop at your door might be good news after all

Even though our Kyrene Corridor neighborhoods don’t represent one big city (the population of Corona del Sol High School is larger than the whole fictional town of Mayberry), I sometimes imagine living in a place where the neighbors are watching out for you… where you can leave your door unlocked and not worry because the […]

Neighborhood News & Notes – Diablos’ Casino Capers

Mardi Gras came early this year, courtesy of one of our community’s most charitable-and most fun-organizations. The Tempe Diablos’ splashy annual fundraising event, Casino Capers, created the perfect setting for a fun-filled confluence of Las Vegas and New Orleans. From the beads that adorned the guests to the parade that wrapped its way around the […]

Neighborhood News & Notes

Email, texting and social networking sites like Facebook and My Space have created a society in which face-to-face interaction almost seems to have become obsolete.  All across the world, people don’t have to be in the same hemisphere, let alone the same room, to stay in touch. Some may see this as an advantage, others […]

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