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Unveiling of new, ‘top secret’ school mascot will highlight 20-year anniversary event

Lisa Wonter remembers walking through the doors of Kyrene de la Mirada every day as she navigated her way through elementary school. Every morning promised a new discovery. Little did she know that, years later, she would once again be walking through those same doors, only now as a student teacher, and that each day […]

Signs of the times

“During the period beginning 60 days before a primary election and ending 15 days after the general election…, the City will not relocate or remove a political sign in the public right-of-way…” — Chandler City Code Sec. 39-10.8 Like everyone, there are some days that I look forward to more than others. As a child […]

Can you see me as part of our increasingly digitized world? Well, frankly, iCan’t

I love my iPad. I’m addicted to my Kindle Fire. I admit it. But is electronic media really going to take over the world? My world? Sure, there is a time and a place for these fantastic new gadgets: the sleek iPad, the glare-resistant Kindle, the smartphone that keeps the news at your fingertips 24/7. […]

Neighborhood News & Notes – Start of new school year offers each child a different path on the road of life

How can it be time for new lunch boxes and backpacks already? As I check off the supply list for each returning student in my house, I recall my own youth in Minnesota, where the nip in the air was the first boding of the start of a new school year, not to mention the […]

Neighborhood News & Notes –

The Kyrene Corridor is a great place to call home. Our community is comprised of the stories of people and their achievements, their labors and their dreams, no matter how small they may seem. And little community newspapers like ours play an important role in sharing these stories with our neighbors. In most cities, the […]

Neighborhood News & Notes – Making motorcycle aficionados, one memorable ride at a time

Arizona in the spring…the perfect time to enjoy an outdoor adventure, before those triple-digit days roll in. It was mid-April, and I was fortunate to be able to enjoy my first-ever Harley- Davidson ride in balmy, high-70s temperatures. Zoom, zoom. My foray into the world of Harley had been carefully orchestrated by Ron Milanovic, the […]

Neighborhood News & Notes – Is your business making a positive impression? Now’s the time it should be

Things That Amaze Me, Chapter 1: Even though this would seem an ideal time for businesses to reach out to the community, to improve service, to ensure that customers are left with a positive impression, such initiatives don’t yet seem to have achieved universal acceptance. The result, say some I know, is that our expectations […]

Neighborhood News & Notes – Twitterers, unite! Now that the world is doing it, we’d like to tweet with you, too

Have you twittered yet? From Shaquille O’Neil to Matt Lauer on The Today Show-even President Obama-people are increasingly plugging in to the social networking phenomenon known as Twitter. Only a few years ago, most of us relied on our pagers to keep us connected. Next it was cell phones. Soon those technologies were eclipsed by […]

Neighborhood News & Notes

As our economy looks for some positive signs, at least one closet industry seems to be thriving: secondhand clothing stores are seeing a surge in popularity. And yes, the pun is intended. Closets in more and more places are being stocked with new (or, rather, gently used) fashions. Whether it’s the new economy, the trend […]

Advisory: Be cautious of ‘clean-cut’ sales approach

Be dubious of that clean-cut salesman who comes to your door, police are advising. It seems south Tempe has been the target of a long-running scam that is meant to tug at your heart strings to convince you to buy. Small groups of pleasant-looking young men have been posing as the “boy from around the […]

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