The dangers of distracted driving

The dangers of distracted driving

Car crashes are the number one killer of teens, and distracted driving is a huge factor. Sending one text message while driving is equivalent to that of having consumed four beers, essentially driving drunk. With statistics like this, Allstate Insurance is working to inform America’s teen drivers. On Oct. 6, students from Corona del Sol […]

Memories of 9/11 inspire unity among Corona athletes

“I will forever remember singing the national anthem and running out with the team with the American flag waving in the air; it was a very special moment to be part of.” Former Corona del Sol quarterback Chase Cartwright, now attending Northern Arizona University, recalled the project he and his Aztec teammates launched, somewhat spontaneously […]

Preslie Treats

Even though the calendar tells us that summer is supposed to be on its way out, those recent steamy, end-of-season scorchers aren’t always in agreement. But here’s the good news: When the mood for a refresher is just too big a temptation, you can enjoy iced coffee drinks, ice cream, gelato and many more cool […]

Advanced-math classes won’t count in new GPA policy

Students will be affected by a recent change in how grades are transferred to Tempe Union High Schools when a student takes an advanced math class in middle school. Scheduled to take place in the 2015 school year, the new policy states that students’ GPA (grade point average) received while taking algebra 1-2 and/or geometry […]