Author: Joyce Coronel

Tragedy strikes Corona community

It’s the kind of letter principals dread sending.

Even in urbanized society, 4-H still plays a vital role

Biz Kid$ stage a ‘revolution’ among area teens

News of tragedies can trigger relapse in those struggling with PTSD

Advises Tempe St. Luke’s psychiatrist

Neighbors talk, Tempe listens

Planners heed residents’ concerns in park, fire stations discussions

Recounts 95-year-old crime buster: ‘I’m calling the cops’

Not every crime fighter wears a bullet-proof vest or stands six foot four.

Mariposa, St. John Bosco come to the rescue

For most of us, being a proud grandparent comes naturally.

Pollack name on area centers says more than business savvy

It’s Friday night and Michael Pollack stands a few feet from the ticket counter, greeting patrons as they make their way to one of six screens to take in a movie in South Tempe.

It’s never too late: Tempe center keeps minds, bodies engaged

Tom Ballard punches a code into a key pad at the entrance to the memory care center at Westchester Senior Living in Tempe.

Snuffed out: Neighbors fume over smoke shop bid

The vacant space inside the strip mall on the southwest corner of McClintock Drive and Warner Road in South Tempe will not be the place to buy tobacco, bongs, rolling papers or smoking paraphernalia, thanks to the efforts of a group of nearby residents.

Tempe mother, lawyer aims for city council seat

Growing up in Tempe, Sarah Kader learned early in life about giving back to the community.