Author: Jennifer Pillen Banks

Retirees ‘part of a family’ when they teach kids to read

When Lucy Carrera arrives at Kyrene de los Niños Elementary for her regular tutoring session,.

Stay-at-home mom’s fan fiction hobby yields newfound success

Four years ago, stay-at-home mom Shanyn Hosier and long-time fan of Harry Potter books decided.

The making of a STAR

At first glance, the STAR program, with its cool math and science projects, field trip.

Working families target of schools’ gap initiative

Lice, strep throat, broken bones, pinkeye—they’re all inconvenient, but common, childhood ailments. Most parents tend.

Final hearing June 28 for proposed new property tax

To help alleviate wild fluctuations both in Tempe’s property tax pool and its citizens’ annual.

Kyrene schools explore some creative — and affordable — ways to get the word out

Growing up in the ‘80s, other than private school (not even a consideration for my.

Pathways to a better city

Whether you’re a devoted enthusiast or a casual passer-by, Tempe’s bike paths are designed to.

Two new venues open to aspiring artists

Most would agree that conceptualizing, executing and completing a work of art is a formidable.

Worrisome conditions face society as world population grows, Rotarians told

“Over half of the people alive today on the earth are subsisting on under $2.

New principal eager to build relationships, trust with Kyrene del Norte parents

When school starts in August, Tracey Pastor, principal now at Kyrene de la Sierra Elementary,.