Author: Don Kirkland

Transgender bathrooms not the only diversity issue facing schools

When I was in high school in L.A. in the mid-1950s, the popular TV show “Leave It To Beaver” pretty much characterized our lives
as teenagers.

Safety goggles vital to protect against fireworks injury

As a 10-year-old growing up in the Midwest, Jon Konti remembers the anticipation that started weeks before the July 4th holiday—those big industrial-strength skyrockets set off at the hometown stadium, the secretly purchased Chinese firecrackers that some of his buddies somehow mysteriously acquired, even the hand-held sparklers that offered an always exciting, though presumably harmless, thrill.

Happy ending: How I learned to love Walmart

I think it’s fair to say that most of the people I know don’t regularly shop at Walmart.

Legoland food court both tasty and local

It was 2007, nearly 10 years since Ward Walston had started awakening virtually every morning to confront another day, another construction site, another excruciating battle with the aches and pains that had grown progressively worse as the months and years wore on.

Real estate prices show surprising momentum

Tempe and West Chandler were among the metropolitan areas hardest hit during the recession, during which homeowners lost as much as 50 percent of their home values.

Words and pictures: A treasure on paper, even in today’s electronic world

Around the world, social media commands a huge segment of our collective mindset—to the point, in fact, where many seem to feel that words on paper ultimately may be no more. I’m willing to admit that that very expectation someday might become reality.

Being in need at holidays holds personal meaning for one of church’s longest-tenured staff members

It was the late 1990s, and for 14 long months Karen Goetz spent sleepless nights aplenty.

Why it’s important for our daily newspapers to survive

In its Monday, June 4, edition and in a column the previous week, The New.

Letters from Dad

As Father’s Day has approached in years past, we’ve featured dads whose lives have proved.

Woman’s last days eased by teens’ generosity

Automotive-technology students at Corona del Sol High School brought a measure of kindness—and some desperately.