Resolutions falling by the wayside? It’s not too late

New Year’s resolutions, if you jumped on that familiar bandwagon when 2017 rolled around, likely have already found their way again into the pile of broken dreams.

Ashley Flynn of GNC rings up supplements for a customer eager to improve her health. (Wrangler News Photo)

New Year’s resolutions, if you jumped on that familiar bandwagon when 2017 rolled around, likely have already found their way again into the pile of broken dreams.

Yes, it’s the same this year as always. People make their resolutions, vowing to become more active and improve their health, yet by mid-February those good intentions have waned, and by December, nine months from now, the guilt of another squandered year sets in.

Time for another year’s turn in the revolving door.

People of all shapes and sizes encounter it: The fitness enthusiast with the lofty goal to run a marathon, the first-timer who just wants to shed some body fat.

Though there is no substitute for hard work and good old-fashioned sweat equity, some simple tips can help people stay committed to their New Year’s resolutions—even if they’ve gotten off their path by a few weeks.

For example, a good startup goal is to set aside 20 minutes each day devoted solely to exercise. Studies show that even in this short amount of time, people can greatly reduce their risks of getting heart disease, diabetes and cancer. “

All too often beginners set these admirable—but unachievable—goals like working out for an hour every day at 6 a.m. What happens is, after a week or two, they give up because it’s just too hard. What they need to do is set reasonable, small goals in order to build healthy habits,” Ashley Flynn tells me.

Ashley and her parents Pat and Shannon moved to the Valley in 2012 and started a GNC franchise on Ray and Rural, applying their business knowledge from prior franchisee experience to their lifelong passions of health and fitness.

Stores like GNC sell supplements for people with goals that fall anywhere from fitness like bodybuilding or sports to simply staying healthy as age takes its toll.

The key with supplements is to use them truly just to augment the hard work you should already be doing. No amount of pills or powder will make a difference if you aren’t putting in the work when it comes to being active and maintaining a healthy diet. GNC, for its part, advises people trying to get in shape and improve their overall health to focus on four main categories of supplements: Multivitamins, omega-3s, probiotics and protein. Multivitamins and omega-3s provide the body with needed vitamins and minerals that promote overall health. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that allow the body to absorb more minerals and aid digestion. Finally, protein, despite popular belief to the contrary, is beneficial for everyone, not just bodybuilders, said Ashley. These four types of supplements are a solid foundation of health and fitness when paired with regular exercise and healthy eating.

Another key to restarting—and sticking to—your resolutions is to surround yourself with people who will hold you responsible for your achievements. In fact, notes Shannon, it’s one of the most important philosophies on which they decided to build their business.

“We are family owned and this really is our livelihood, so we take pride in being knowledgeable on health and fitness, and on building partnerships with our customers. It’s a lot easier to stay on track when you have people supporting you and holding you accountable,” Shannon says.

By setting achievable goals, staying consistent, building a network of friends and family to hold yourself accountable and complementing your exercise and diet with the right supplements, you can stick to your 2016 resolutions and look forward to a healthier and happier you.