Monsoon runoff advisory


monsoonMonsoon season is fast
approaching, and that means lots of
stormwater runoff entering the city
storm drain system from impervious
surfaces such as concrete driveways,
sidewalks, streets, parking lots and
Unlike the water from sinks,
showers and toilets, stormwater flows
untreated into storm drains that lead
to nearby retention basins, greenbelts,
parks, golf courses, community lakes
and in some cases, local washes,
streams and rivers.
This runoff can contain pollutants
including pesticides, fertilizers,
litter, pet waste, petroleum products,
automotive fluids, paints, solvents,
yard waste, sediment, chemicals, and
other materials that may be on the
street or in the gutter.
Chandler is asking residents to
help reduce pollutants that come into
contact with stormwater by bringing
their household hazard waste to the
city’s Household Hazardous Waste
Collection Facility at 955 E. Queen
Creek Road.
West Chandler residents can
contact the Solid Waste Services
Division at 480-782-3510 to schedule
an appointment.
Last fiscal year, the facility
collected more than 109,000 pounds
of household hazardous waste from
residents, including latex paint, oil,
antifreeze and batteries. Information: or



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