8th Grade Promotion

Pueblo_Promotion003Eighth graders at
Aprende, Kyrene and
Pueblo middle schools
got an impressive sendoff
to high school, their
next stopping point in
the learning process.
The 340 Aprende
grads heard words of
encouragement as they
got their sendoff. At
Pueblo, 322 students
and their parents
gathered for promotion
ceremonies. And
at KMS, 412 young
hopefuls received words
of inspiration for what
their futures hold.

Aprende_Promotion001 Aprende_Promotion002 Aprende_Promotion003 Aprende_Promotion004 Aprende_Promotion005 Pueblo_Promotion001 Pueblo_Promotion002 Pueblo_Promotion004 Pueblo_Promotion005 Pueblo_Promotion006

Photos by Billy Hardiman