Solar energy metering is session topic


ELongtime business owner,
advocate and community volunteer Vic
Linoff will moderate a forum featuring
a discussion regarding proposed
changes to solar-energy metering at
6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 5, in the Tempe
City Council Chambers.
Tempe is hosting the session to
provide an opportunity for residents
to learn a policy that determines how
utilities compensate customers for
the power their rooftop solar panels
The current net metering rules,
approved in 2007, allow rooftop solar
customers to subtract the power they
produce from the power they consume
and pay their electric bill based only on
the difference.
Tempe is not advocating a
position about the proposed change.
APS recently asked the Arizona
Corporation Commission for
permission to change the company’s
net-metering policy, and a hearing
before the commission is expected later
this month.
The utility’s proposal would
affect only new APS customers. SRP
customers would not be affected.
Tempe City Hall is at 31 E. Fifth



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