Library gears up to help applicants grasp workings of new health plan


ffgAffordable Care Act health
insurance enrollment is now
under way, and staff at the
Tempe Public Library is hoping to
make the process easier.
“This is a completely new concept
and program for everyone,” said
Barbara Roberts, library and cultural
services director, “and we know
that people will likely need access
to information about the program
as well as assistance completing the
enrollment process.”
“Our library staff is prepared and
ready to provide that service for the
The Tempe Public Library has
resources for those hoping to sign up
for coverage.
• Extended Saturday computer lab
hours for people who need to research
and enroll in AHC insurance programs.
Additionally, staff will be available
to assist those who may need help
with basic computer skills in order to
complete the online enrollment forms.
• Affordable Care Act navigators
will offer basic informational classes
and help with enrollments. Times for
this help will be posted on the city of
Tempe event calendar.
• The Tempe Public Library will
have official Affordable Care Act
informational materials available. The
library’s website will provide links to
official ACA website information.
• Tim Miles of Arizona Insurance
Connection will host a class in Room
B at the Tempe Public Library at 10:30
a.m. Thursday, Nov. 14, to provide
information about the plan and some
of the options.
There is no registration required for
the free class.
Roberts adds that it’s important to
be aware that library staff won’t offer
advice or plan analysis for patrons.
These decisions must be made by each
Both Tempe Community Council
and Tempe Community Action Agency
will offer assistance to residents.

Photo by Billy Hardiman



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