Cities adopting smart phone apps to speed resident contact

Compiled by Chelsea Martin

With the city’s mobile phone app,
you can point, click and send
photos of graffiti, weeds, abandoned
shopping carts and other code
violations. The app is available for
the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.
Once your
account is set up,
the app allows
users to choose
an option to
receive updates
on the status of
their request.
The app
is developed by the software
company PublicStuff.
The city’s Solid Waste Services
offers its “My Waste” app as a way
for residents to get information and
set reminders on pick-up, recycling
and bulk schedules.
It helps avoid losing track of
collection days with a detailed
to the user’s
address. It’s an
that helps keep
important local
contacts at the user’s fingertips. This
app is developed by Municipal Media
Residents also can contact the
city through a Contact Chandler
form on the city’s website, or via the
phone or mail, as well as through the
city’s social media accounts.
Tempe 311 enables real-time
collaboration with community
members. Report potholes,
streetlight outages, graffiti and other
issues from anywhere at any time.
Users can stay informed as their
reported issue gets resolved.
The application can be downloaded
For those who
do not have
the app on a
cell phone,
the Tempe 311
service can
be reached
by calling
weekdays 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., filling
out a request form online at, or emailing Android users
can locate these convenient apps in
Google Play; iPhone users will find
them in the App Store.