Corona enrollment concerns prompt petition campaign; signatures near 2,000 mark, says backer


A petition campaign to solve a suggested overenrollmentaz_corona
problem at Corona del Sol High School
has nearly reached its preliminary goal of 2,000
signatures, according to one of the campaign’s
According to Vinny Mirizio, the campaign seeks
to stem classroom crowding that potentially could
result from a decision to allow students living
outside area boundaries to seek enrollment in any
school of their choice.
Until the concept of open enrollment became law
several years ago, schools could turn away students
who did not live within defined boundaries. Now,
if a school has not surpassed its enrollment limits,
anyone can apply, no matter that person’s place of
Only schools that have not maxed out their
authorized numbers must accept applicants from
outside the area, however. Until recently, Corona’s
student population was said to be at its highest
allowable limit, thus no new open-enrollment
Corona enrollment
concerns prompt
petition campaign;
signatures near 2,000
mark, says backer
applications were accepted.
Linda Littell, spokeswoman for the Tempe Union
High School District, said she was aware of the
petition campaign but that it is not necessary because
Corona enrollment is now closed. As of Aug. 5, the
unofficial first-day enrollment stood at 2,837.
Another highly regarded school in the Tempe
Union district, Desert Vista, reportedly has surpassed
the 3,000 mark.
As for teacher-to-student ratios, Littell said any
claims of classroom overcrowding are misstated
because Corona has remained close to the 21 Fulltime
Equivalent mark, and never has exceeded 27.
She also said she’s heard some discussion that
out-of-district students from places like Maricopa
and the town of Guadalupe are skewing the
demographic mix at Corona.
“That’s not where (our out-of-district) students
are coming from,” she said, adding that the primary
influx of such enrollments is from homes in Chandler
and Phoenix.
To sum up the situation, Littell said she is aware
of no significant changes in student population at
“I have not heard that white flight from there is
being confirmed,” she said.



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