Tempe changing bulk, green waste collection schedules starting July 1


Tempe is changing the way it collects bulk and green waste in order to increase efficiency and sustainability.
Starting in July, the city will move from monthly collection of uncontained waste to every other month, with four collections for green waste and two for mixed waste (bulky items and brush).
According to Tempe officials, the majority of bulk waste residents put out for collection (70 percent to 80 percent) is green waste – tree trimmings, yard clippings and brush.
Officials say the new collection schedule is designed so that green-waste collection coincides with the months when residents tend to do the most landscape trimming and maintenance.
The amount of green and bulk waste allowed for each collection will be limited to approximately 10 cubic yards—picture a pile about 15 feet long, six feet high and three feet deep, or about the amount that would fit in the bed of a standard-size pickup truck bed.
Residents with bulk waste needs that exceed that amount will have monthly access to two transfer stations where they can bring bulk materials as necessary, as well as other service and disposal options. Benefits of these changes include:
• Cutting annual miles driven in half – reducing fuel usage, saving fuel costs and reducing greenhouse emissions by more than 100 metric tons per year;
• Eliminating need for at least six collection vehicles, resulting in savings of approximately $1.5 million over the next few years; and
• Keeping costs of providing solid waste collection services as low as possible.
Collection schedule information will be mailed to Tempe residents in May and available at www. tempe.gov/slashthetrash.



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