Novel approach to overdue books


Tempe Public Library users can help hydrate the homeless and less fortunate and pay their library fines without taking a dollar out of their wallets, just by opening the pantry and bringing what they can.
From May 30-July 27, for every bottle of water or item of non-perishable food people bring to the library, the city of Tempe will take a dollar off tabs for overdue materials.
To encourage generosity, a case of water will be counted as $30. People who don’t have fines will be entered into a drawing for prizes.
The water will go to the Tempe Community Council, which then will use the water and food to help the homeless and less fortunate during summer months.
According to the program’s planners, each non-perishable item is worth $1 waived from existing library fines, up to $30 or half the account balance, whichever is greater.
Donations must be brought to the library, along with the user’s library card or photo ID. Donations can be made only once per account. Expired, unlabeled or homemade items cannot be accepted. Also, library items being returned must be in usable condition and not lost or damaged. Accounts in collection status are not eligible for this program. There is no monetary value in the donation if the user does not have existing fees, but those users are entered into a drawing for prizes.
Library users with overdue materials are encouraged to return them, regardless of their ability to pay their fees or contribute to the food drive. Dropboxes outside the library, including an always-open drive-up box, make it easy.




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