Tempe 311: One-stop city services

Do you spot some graffiti on a nearby wall? Is there a streetlight that just went out in your neighborhood? Do you want to ask a question about your recycling service? The city of Tempe has got you covered.

One of the state’s first centralized call centers, nicknamed “Tempe 311” truly represents the convenience of One Call to City Hall.

Tempe 311, which connects with the city’s Customer Relations Center, provides a fast and easy way for to connect with city staff, making life easier and providing what city officials say is greater value and service. Residents no longer need to search for the right number to call. On weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., all they need to remember are seven digits: 480-350-4311.

Specially trained employees have access to information on just about any area of the city – and if they don’t know the answer, they’ll find people who do.

The system also streamlines the process for getting requests for service to city employees in the field, making resolution of issues even faster.

But Tempe 311 isn’t just a call center. Community members can also submit requests and questions via an online request form at www.tempe.gov/311. Starting in July, they can also use a new mobile phone application to request service.

It is important to note that residents should continue to reach the Tempe Police Department in one of two ways: 911 for emergencies or 480-350-8311 for reports of issues like minor property crimes and loud parties.

Eventually, Tempe hopes other Maricopa County communities will join a regional 311 effort that would allow anyone in any part of the county to call 311 and get directed to the community resource they need.