Veto of McClintock senior’s bill is called ‘disheartening’

Jevin Hodge: Vocal advocate of bill to reward students who perform community service. — Photo courtesy Jevin Hodge

Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto of a bill aiming to promote community service among Valley high school students is being called “disheartening” by the bill’s originator, McClintock High School senior Jevin Hodge.

Jevin serves as co-chair of the Governor’s Youth Commission.

The bill, SB 1066, sought to create an award for high school students who completed more than 200 hours of community service.

Hodge says he created the bill to boost a student’s chance of college acceptance.

“Colleges aren’t looking for just a high GPA anymore; they’re looking for student leaders,” he said.

“This award would reassure colleges that a student has the qualities they are looking for.”

In a letter, Brewer called the bill is unnecessary, redundant and a violation of Constitutional separation of powers, meaning that the legislative branch of the government cannot tell the executive branch what it can and cannot do.

However, Hodge and his sponsor, Democratic Sen. David Schapira, are not convinced by Brewer’s reasoning behind the veto.

“The only reason she vetoed this bill is because it was sponsored by a Democratic legislator and the idea originated with a student who identifies himself as a Democrat,” said Sen. Schapira in a press release.

SB 1066 passed through every level of government with “overwhelming bipartisan support”, according to Schapira, before it was struck down by the governor.

Added Hodge:

“It’s disheartening to see that partisanship played a factor in nullifying an attempt to formally recognize students for their service and volunteerism in the community. Arizona would have been the first state to formally recognize youth for their community service…it could have possibly persuaded other states to follow suit.”

Although Hodge will be graduating this month, he says he will continue to fight for the bill’s passage.

“This bill wasn’t for myself, it was for the future generations of Arizona,” he says.

Linda Littell, director of communications for the Tempe Union High School District, says the district will “certainly look at a process for acknowledging those students” as well.

Dr. Kenneth Baca, superintendent at TUHSD, added:

“While I am very disappointed in the governor’s decision, I know Jevin understands that this is a part of the democratic process.

“I hope politics did not play a role in a young person’s desire to better his community so as to ensure that all young men and women are recognized for the positive contributions they make to this great nation of ours each and every day.”

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75 Comments for “Veto of McClintock senior’s bill is called ‘disheartening’”

  1. migueloibrien

    Yet her own son has been involuntarily committed for criminal sexual assault for lo these past twenty-some years. At taxpayers’ expense, we may assume. So, she might feel threatened by rewarding decent kids. Guess she assumes we are all so ignorant that nobody would bring this up. Looks like she’s right.

  2. Erik

    She makes W look like Einstein combined with Mother Theresa.

  3. Ann

    THIS bill she vetoed. However, she had no trouble signing 6 anti-women bills into law this year. Now Arizona doctors may lie to their pregnant patients and not be sued for the lie, Planned Parenthood is de-funded, employers may opt not to cover birth control, sex education in schools has new anti-choice restrictions, and abortions before 17 weeks are restricted (the law says 20 weeks but it will be 17 weeks for many women). Republicans are waging a true War on Women and their ability to make their own medical decisions. Now it appears as if they are not too thrilled with community service either. Republicans have never been this mean-spirited before.

    • Jeannie

      If they show any thrillage toward community service, then they run the risk of showing some kind of support for President Obama. Or some such nonsense as that.

  4. David

    Guarantee this was nothing more than partisan nonsense. For some reason, it has come to be the right wing mission to make sure dems get zero wins. So petty and stupid. Thanks, governor for making us look bad AGAIN.

  5. NoGooder

    Jan Brewer is a racist. If this was a young white republican, the bill would have passed with flying colors. This is AZ, the land of eternal racism, don’t forget about Evan Mecham, the gov. who banned MLK day. Jan Brewer is a student of that political school.

  6. Debbie

    She’s a piece of work. And I’d like to know where the doctors are over the bills being passed in states that tell doctors to lie to their patients and they won’t be held accountable if something happens that harms the mother? Why aren’t they screaming about stupid “non-doctors” deciding that since they don’t keep the oaths they take that it’s okay for doctors not to keep their oaths either? How could you ever trust a doctor that lied to you and saddled you with a child that is going to bankrupt you due to the horrible birth defects the child was born with and that the doctor knew about when asked about getting the child aborted? I’d like to know what republican voters think about when they vote for the brain trust that is the GOP? Where do they come up with this crap that they force down our throats. They accused President Obama of cramming the healthcare reform down their throats but I’ll tell you what, I’d rather have President Obama’s healthcare law any day over the stupid, moronic, misogynist bills coming from GOP state and federal lawmakers these days. They obviously think all women voters are stupid and bainless. I hope we show them exactly how brainless we are come this November. And Brewer is a stupid incometent governor. I would call her a woman but she’s obviously given that title up to become a member ot the GOP.

  7. Kash

    The kid is black, the legislator who sponsored the bill is a Democrat. I’m shocked – shocked the bill made it all the way to Brewer’s desk! Arizona is the most racist, redneck state in the union. In any other state someone with a community college certificate in radiology who can barely speak in complete sentences would be deemed unqualified for state office. Here, she gets re-elected. I live amongst morons and haters.

  8. Pete

    Why should the state give an award to people for doing community service?
    Seems like giving awards for doing the right thing.

    • Barbara

      Pete, don’t we give awards to “heroes” because they did the “right thing”? What’s wrong with recognizing someone for doing something that benefits others?

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