Veto of McClintock senior’s bill is called ‘disheartening’

Jevin Hodge: Vocal advocate of bill to reward students who perform community service. — Photo courtesy Jevin Hodge

Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto of a bill aiming to promote community service among Valley high school students is being called “disheartening” by the bill’s originator, McClintock High School senior Jevin Hodge.

Jevin serves as co-chair of the Governor’s Youth Commission.

The bill, SB 1066, sought to create an award for high school students who completed more than 200 hours of community service.

Hodge says he created the bill to boost a student’s chance of college acceptance.

“Colleges aren’t looking for just a high GPA anymore; they’re looking for student leaders,” he said.

“This award would reassure colleges that a student has the qualities they are looking for.”

In a letter, Brewer called the bill is unnecessary, redundant and a violation of Constitutional separation of powers, meaning that the legislative branch of the government cannot tell the executive branch what it can and cannot do.

However, Hodge and his sponsor, Democratic Sen. David Schapira, are not convinced by Brewer’s reasoning behind the veto.

“The only reason she vetoed this bill is because it was sponsored by a Democratic legislator and the idea originated with a student who identifies himself as a Democrat,” said Sen. Schapira in a press release.

SB 1066 passed through every level of government with “overwhelming bipartisan support”, according to Schapira, before it was struck down by the governor.

Added Hodge:

“It’s disheartening to see that partisanship played a factor in nullifying an attempt to formally recognize students for their service and volunteerism in the community. Arizona would have been the first state to formally recognize youth for their community service…it could have possibly persuaded other states to follow suit.”

Although Hodge will be graduating this month, he says he will continue to fight for the bill’s passage.

“This bill wasn’t for myself, it was for the future generations of Arizona,” he says.

Linda Littell, director of communications for the Tempe Union High School District, says the district will “certainly look at a process for acknowledging those students” as well.

Dr. Kenneth Baca, superintendent at TUHSD, added:

“While I am very disappointed in the governor’s decision, I know Jevin understands that this is a part of the democratic process.

“I hope politics did not play a role in a young person’s desire to better his community so as to ensure that all young men and women are recognized for the positive contributions they make to this great nation of ours each and every day.”

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75 Comments for “Veto of McClintock senior’s bill is called ‘disheartening’”

  1. Quinn

    Jan Brewer is a complete loser. I cannot believe Arizona would vote for such a bad person. She comes across like a typical hill billy on TV.

  2. Al Sesona

    Young men and women have a personal choice to do or not do what it takes to be ordinary or extraordinary during the formative years of their lives and as the years come and go. It has been a way of life since square one beginning with our forefathers and long before. Genuine desire and ceratinly not some legislation, makes good things happen for the better.

    • Stephanie

      I agree, but during these hard times coming together to celebrate a reward success instead of stupidity and failure, I think it is a must.

  3. Greta G

    Amazing that Ms Brewer thinks that it is important for the legislative branch to dictate about reproductive rights, immigration and citizenship, but that giving credit to students who help in their communities is “redundant and unnecessary”. Someone needs to give Ms Brewer a civics lesson…soon!

    • Mike C

      Good point. You are absolutely right. Although I don’t think she would understand a civics lesson.

    • Cara D

      Excellent point, Greta. Brewer showed Americans her inability to think and function as a rational person when she wagged her finger in the face of the President. Her partisanship should show the citizens of AZ that she only cares about her party, not her constituents.

  4. Don

    No need for the government to get involved to create an award for community service. Plus, blaming partisanship for the veto is a poor and futile argument. If the student was receiving prope advice, he’d address the reasons Brewer gave for the veto one by one. Instead, all he’s learning is to become partisan himself. What a shame… but not a surprise in today’s political climate.

    • Norm

      What IS sad is how shills will support this Governor no matter how bad she behaves. Blind, ideoligical, braindead followers!

    • keith

      You miss the point, here is a student trying to better his community (that’s all). His efforts being thwarted by some hack knee Governor who has been playing politricks all along.Only a,” poor and futile argument,” for people who consider community service, “and futile argument.”

    • Becca

      Nice excuses, but it doesn’t fly!!! Even the Republican controlled congress got behind this so this is not about left and right, it is about Jan just being plain wrong, AGAIN!!! Meet our Governor, Wrong way Jan…

  5. VP

    It’s a race to the bottom, with you guys.

    It’s sad when Republicans don’t want to recognize community service. Maybe they’re scared if someone cares about their community, they’d be voted out of a job?

    • Arie Stein

      All they care about are the 1%ers and corporations. The Republibagger motto: I’ve got mine so s@rew you.

  6. Jojo

    If people in Arizona knew what the rest of the country thinks when they see this…unbelievable.

  7. John

    Jan Brewer is a blight on the Republican Party and USA. Race to the bottom is an accurate description for her term in office.

  8. Timaree

    This is a great idea to make awards for kids who choose to do so much community service but as much as I dislike most of what Governor Brewer does, she’s right on this one. Awards should not be laws. Let the older community get together and make an awards policy such as the newspapers and the Chamber of Commerce plus get local hospitals and other big organizations involved but my goodness, do we need a law for everything?

    • S. Childs

      The Republicans don’t. They like a free wheeling environment.

    • Eyeball Kid

      Brewer could simply have decided to issue an executive order to give out the awards instead of posturing about separation of powers. What a phony. There is nothing but good will in a proposed law like this. There are many ways to make the spirit of the bill a reality.

      But not for Brewer, who is taking her authoritarian, alcoholic-oriented, and cruel decision-making to new lows.

    • kevin

      If awards and recognition shouldn’t be laws, then would not the Congressional Medal of Honor and other praises the US Congress gives also be inappropriate? Laws shouldn’t all be negative.

  9. Ron

    We have had four years of this from the GOP House Republicans, why shouldn’t GOP Governors do it!

  10. stoph241

    Jan Brewer is the anti-christ!

  11. Scott Allie

    I am so happy my parents took me out of Arizona at a young age.
    It is almost embarrassing to admit I was born there.
    How do people like Jan Brewer, John McCain, George Bush ever get elected in the first place ? I know George is from my current home, Texas. But I really do believe they were all hatched from the same egg. And still live in the same bubble.

  12. Dr. A. W. Niloc

    “Civics lesson”? Jan Brewer would think you’re gonna teach her how to drive a Honda.

  13. Chris Long

    Service can be promoted without legislation, just do it because you want to do it, and do it on your own dime. Report winners to local tv and newspapers etc.

  14. Russell Bell

    I detest this woman’s stances. She represents and supports unconscionable—inconceivably sustainable views, attitudes, and opinions—positions. Yet, voters in the state of Arizona including their sheriff and I suppose a majority of law enforcement officers and lawmakers appreciate her service. A service record that aspiring people have to be sensing is inconveniencing their outlook and or appraisal as it relates to their opportunities or chances in American society. It’s not looking good if your Hispanic or African American and you live in Arizona certainly. Prehaps an explanation for why the state is literally on fire literally is that it’s reparative; suggesting the good folks in Arizona are living in hell and they should get the hell out there!

  15. Sharon

    My daughter’s high school requires a minimum of 50 hours of community service a year. There are students that don’t do the hours – they are not eligible for National Honor Society membership – so it’s not the end of the world for them, and one of the NHS virtues is service.

    The school also puts the hours worked on high school transcripts to colleges because the students turn in forms signed by supervisors at their volunteer work.

    With regards to the service – it can be working the coat drive, collecting the frozen turkeys and loading them into the van for Thanksgiving, going to a town’s street fair and manning a booth, doing things at your local church, volunteering with children, elderly and the disabled, and if you don’t have anything locally or don’t know anyone, they have announcements all the time. Just sign up, get on that van or bus, and they’ll get you where you need to be like the community food bank up north to sort and pack.

    Some students enjoy the work and far exceed 50 hours a year. I think the most time-intensive task was one girl who was training up puppies to become assistance dogs. Part of that is the dog going to public places for training, including schools, offices, stores, restaurants and anywhere an assistance dog might be needed. Will that sort of thing soon be illegal in Arizona?

  16. ymckay

    And what would be wrong with politics playing a role in his community interest?

  17. lonefox368

    mcclintock could be obama’s son or even clinton ,lol enough laws,americans dont need to be dictated too,just enforce the laws we have !!!

  18. Redderbeard

    Yeah, his brown skin probably didn’t help either. Brewer didn’t get a chance to wave a finger in his face.

  19. Keith Walsh

    Jan Brewer is a SHREW!, Plain and Simple, a selfish, self promoting SHREW!

  20. john lace

    Brewer- oh yes the original tanning lady from New Jersey

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